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Custom Sprocket Wheel Matching
     looking to match a certain design on your bike or the wheel it will be fitted to. Do you have an idea? We would love to hear it. Have a picture, or a drawing, send it to us and we will discuss how to make it happen.

     Superior Sprockets is a fully CNC equipped manufacturing plant with a vision. Where other shops will tell you why it can't be done, we will sit down and figure out just how it can be done given the specific engineering requirements needed for strong reliable operation and safety.
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Motorcycle Front Sprockets

Offset Front Sprockets

dont risk your teeth
     Superior Sprockets makes sprockets for all domestic and foreign brands of motorcycles. They are backed with a manufacturers guarantee against defect so you can be sure and secure of a long life for your ride with no worries about being stranded or early replacement. If you ride it and it uses a sprocket we can make it. Asian, British European, American, New, Old or Ancient, you need look no further.
     CUSTOM bike builder and professional stuntman Rob Wilton uses our custom offset front sprockets exclusively for his award winning resto-mod Suzukis. We are also a proud supplier of sprocket kits to California stunt bike team founder Ernie Vigils
     Motorcycle front sprocket quality is paramount for chain and rear sprocket longevity. Our quality is unsurpassed, and our flexibility is unrivaled. We can do one off countershaft sprockets at reasonable prices. Offset front sprockets are our specialty and can make you what you need for your street bike, race bike or custom jack shaft fatty. There is no need to look further.
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